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on the 1st one I'd say it's none of these.
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1. AIf you can divide the square root by 4, then you can double the number on the outside, and then add all of them up.2. D3. B4. A
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2 is D, 4 is A
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1.a2.D (1000.24/4)3.BY=MX+B2=-3/2(3)+B2=-4 1/2+BB=6.5Y=-3/2X+6.54.aexponents tally 10numbers tally 2 000 000strictly follow BEDMAS
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#13 you have to reduce your radicals before adding them.#14 they already gave you the sum of all 4 numbers. Just divide the sum by 4#15 Plug in your cordinates and slope in the following equation: y - y1 = m (x- x1)y1= y value of the point x1= x value of point m= your slope Solve this and youve got your equation.#16 This is Scientific notation. Basically move the decimal point the amount of times it is raised by 10ex a: 134 X 10^5= 13,400,000. I moved the decimal point 5 times to the rightex b: .005 X 10^3 = 5. I moved the decimal point 3 times to the right.I hope this has helped you. Thank you for helping review my Algebra 1 and 2 skills over summer vacation before I enter pre-cal and trig. so I'll give you the letter answers to all 4 problems. but to prevent you from *****ing, I will not give them in coresponding order which is #13, 14,15 & 16 respectively, so you still have to figure it out yourself. B A A A

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