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Barbara C
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Default Singapore Math Manipulatives?

I'm preparing to order the second set of Early Bird Kindergarten math workbooks from Singapore. After looking through Singapore's forum, I found that several different manipulatives are recommended. However, money is an issue, and I don't want to waste money for things that are not really needed.I am considering buying a set of 1 cm multi-link cubes, a clock w/ geared hands, and a bucket balance. Has anyone else used Singapore math, and if so which manipulatives did you find most useful? I am hesitant about the hundred chart, counters, and weights.
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HS Mom
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I'm not familiar with Singapore, but you can easily make your own 100 charts in all sizes. I'm sure there are plenty online to print out. I know some people who have used a cheap shower curtain, and written the numbers on with a permanent marker. (Same for alphabet) This is great for kinesthetic learners - they can jump around to show their answers, to count, etc.Are you talking about weights for the balance scale? Since you need those *and* counters, I would purchase 1 cm gram cubes. They can be used as counters and as weights for the scale.Also, 1 cm multi-link cubes sound awfully small and hard to work with. We have "AllLink" cubes from Classroom Products (#22216) and they are 2 cm square. There are 10 each of 10 colors and the space where they link has different shapes. They connect on all sides, so my son likes to build with them. I really like them versus others I've seen.Here's the link:http://www.classroomproductswarehous...N361Here's a better close-up view:http://boreal.com/product.asp?SPLID=...184334162(much more costly at that second link)Ah, here are some gram cubes that double as 1 cm multilink cubes:http://www.classroomproductswarehous...=====***Edited to add:I remembered Donna Young's awesome site after I posted. Here's her link to math charts:http://www.donnayoung.org/math/charts.htm
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No I haven't used it but you can always substitute these items with less expensive stuff or you can buy them for cheaper at a store, e.g. Walmart. You can make a hundred chart on the computer. You can you beans, marbles, or something more interesting for counters. Use something the child will find interesting. Weights can be anything!!! Bucket balances can be found at most toy stores, as well as clocks. You can go buy inexpensive foam blocks for your cubes. Use your imagination and you can save money. Good Luck
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I use Singapore, but didn't start until 1B & 2A. We use linking cubes for lots of stuff-- adding, subtracting, place value, counting, grouping, etc. If you have a bunch of legoes, they would work instead. The clock, actually I'd just get a few of the little plastic student clocks or even make your own with a brass fastener. http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/...ocks/clock/The scale is really fun and my boys like to weigh stuff all the time. If you want to pay shipping, I have an extra you can have.I would print out and laminate a 100 number chart because we do use that a lot. http://www.homeschoolingonashoestrin...Chart-1.pdfYou can use anything for counters-- beans, pennies, buttons, legoes, linking cubes. Same thing with the weights.Maybe add a ruler, preferably one that ONLY had inches so it's easy to read. Found these to print out. http://www.vendian.org/mncharity/dir3/paper_rulers/That should be enough for that level. Have fun!

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