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Default Help with Statistics (Supposedly Easy, But I'm LOST!) :(?

I am having an impossible time with my statistics course. It's fully online, the teacher does not teach. We get questions and answers to all the homework and tests, but no explanations. I am frustrated! Can anyone explain HOW to come across these answers? Even just one explanation would be greatly appreciated!Question:You are on Homecoming Committee and need to choose a court (3 attendants, 1 queen) from 12 candidates. a. How many ways can you choose a court (ignoring positions)? Answer: 495b. How many ways can you choose a court composed of 3 attendants, 1 queen?Answer: 1980c. How many ways can you choose a court composed of a queen, first runner-up, second runner-up, and a third runner-up?Answer: 11880Question:Two fair dice are tossed and the up face on each die is recorded. Fine the probability of the following event:Event: A 4 appears on at least one of the dice.Answer: 11/36Event: One of the die records an even number.Answer: ??THANK YOU!

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