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Mary A
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Default Math problem!?

Please help me solve this problem: p-(3p-1)+12>-2(p+4)-12Please show work so I can understand how you did it. Thanks!
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Math Nerd
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Clear out the parentheses-3p+1+12>-2p-8-12Collect like terms:-2p+13>-2p -20Add 2p to both sides:13>-20Since this statement is always true, the solution is all real numbers.
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Here is the problem-(3p-1)+12>-2(p+4)-12First,we've to work out those in the bracket.But they can't be simplified furthermoreThe equation is equivalent to-3p+1+12>-2p-8-12=-2p+13>-2p-20Bringing the constants on one side & the variables on another,=-2p+2p>-20-13=0>-33This implies that the statement(problem) is TRUE.
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p-3p+1+12> 2p+8-12so,p-2p>8-12-12-1-p>-17p>17..for this equation to be true p should be greater than 17 hope this might help...bye

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