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Default Geometry Versus Trigonometry?

What is the most basic definition (no math jargon) of trigonometry?What is the most basic difference between trigonometry and geometry?Why is geometry defined as "Earth Measure"?
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Trig is the study of those pesky right angle triangles and their sine, cosine, and tangent functions. geometry is the study of all the shapes, not just right angle triangles.
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trigonometry basically studies the relationships between the angles and sides of right angled triangles. The reason for right angled triangles is because every straight sided shape can be divided up into them. The relationships can than be extended to circles and then to any curve.Geometry studies length, areas, volumes, dimensions, symmetry, etc. While it's important in it's own right, it can also help to visualize number problems which makes them easier to get your head around.geo - earth , metria - measure (in Greek)the end.

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