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Default Trigonometry???

In ΔABC, what is length of the angular bisector of angle A if 'a' is the side opposite to vertex A, 'b' is the side opposite to vertex B and 'c' is the side opposite to vertex C?Please explain the steps clearly.I actually know what an angular bisector is.I want the angular bisector expressed mathematically...i.e. in general terms
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usha n
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angularbisector means symetrry of the angle! like if an angle is 90degree then bisector will be 45 degree.Vertex is to lines joinin point!i hope dis helps
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area of the whole tringle = sum of the two triangles produced by the bisector. let the length of the bisector is L.then 1/2 Lcsin A/2 + 1/2 LbsinA/2 = 1/2 bc sin Athen 1/2 Lcsin A/2 + 1/2 LbsinA/2 = 1/2 bc 2sin A/2 cos A/2 from which L = 2bc cosA/2 / (b+c)

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