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Default How about the existance of a probability net matrix for matter?

I have thought about this, my personal theoty for some time.At each point in time and space there is a predermined probability event controled by a theoretical zero mass energy called an eventeron.This would control the existance and state of matter at each point.This 4 dimential net was created at the big bang and all events pre setany thoughts??
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Ronnie Mac Loves You
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reading that makes me wanna hit the klein bottle
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Mike T
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You shoud talk to L. Ron Hubbard. You've basically taken lots of science terms and thrown them together. They don't even make sense. How could a zero mass energy control probability? That's like saying your kettle determines when the bus will come!
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Umm sure, but then the net would then be 5-dimensional. How can this eventron determine so many parameters (existence, type, quality and whatever else particle physicists can think of) for matter all at once?This sounds more far fetched and complicated than the movie matrix, although it may be an interesting algorithm to implement in a video game.Are you saying that matter is still being spontaneously created/destroyed at present time? Wouldn't that contradict the Big Bang theory? If you're gonna use "create", you might as well mention God.

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