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Default How should I go about studying for geometry in the summer? I have a cliffsnotes...

...book.? I've had the book for about 2 days and I think it's going to take me too long to finish the whole book. My plan for the past 2 days was to write notes while reading the book. But it takes a while because I have to draw angles, diagrams, etc. In the past 2 days, I've only completed 15/312pgs. ]: ARGHH! I need a good plan!Thanks for contributions.
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May I help You?
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Easy. Go to a store like officemax or staples.Get a math cd. There are some for each different level of math. They even have some at the library.It helps to use the computer to study - that way you don't do a nose dive into the book when you are too tired to read, (or just too bored).They are questions and answers to determine if you "got it".GOD bless us one and all, always.MBA-Boston Univ.CPA-retiredI wish they had these cd's when I was going to college and to the university.
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Just keep at it. Taking notes is a good idea, but maybe not write everything down. Have you tried Geo for dummies. That is a great series. Good Luck!

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