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Default This math is hard?

(x+2)(5-y) - polynomialsThere are also2(5x+5)And (3x+4+3d)(2x+3)And(4x+5) it has a little number 3 after the parenthesislastly(5x+2y+5)divided by (2x+5)For those who answered muchas gracias
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(x+2)(5-y)=5x-2y-xy+10 ----i forgot how it is supposed to be arranged.. i only remembered how to arrange answers to those who are raised to a power. 2(5x+5)=10x+10=10(x+1)(3x+4+3d)(2x+3)you have to multiply first 2x to (3x+4+3d) 6x raised to 2 + 8x + 6xdthen multiply 3 to (3x+4+3d) 9x+12+9dthen add those which are like terms= 6x raised to 2+17x+6xd+9d+12(4x+5)raised to 3 same formula as above...there is a shortcut for these type of problems but in case u need a solution, it's just the same as above but a little longer. =64x raised to 3+ 235x raised to 2 + 300x+ 125i could not answer the last one... i forgot how to divide polynomials...

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