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walla walla
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Default How come 4ac is used in so many algebra formulas?

Quadratic formula, Finding y value of a circle in standard form, etc..
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Brian D
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it is one of those special relationships ....(like pi and a curve)
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It comes from having the standard notationswhen trying to derive the formulas. And so many formulas in algebra are interconnected at some level. For example: a^2+b^2=r^2 is the basic circle... to solve for a or b, you apply the qaudratic formula because everything is sqaured and that is it's purpose. And if A = pi(r^2) then A/pi = a^2+b^2 and you can again apply the qaudratic formula to find a or b. Notice that the circle formula is also the right triangle formula ala Pythagorea. An ellipse is a formula of for a^2/c^2+b^2/d^2=1.... again, the quadratic formula will eventually come into play.... with a bit tweaking -- thankfully c and d are constants (notice that when c=d you have a circle).

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