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Default Geometry: plz help me on solving polygon's area?

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I'd be glad to help you out.What you need to know about area is that it is the inside of any figure or polygon.If you are talking about irregular polygons that is diffrent but normal ones have formulas for which you need to memorize and learn formulas here are some to get you started:1.) For a square and rectangle---------A=bh or A=lw2.) For a Triangle ----------------------- A=1/2bh3.)For a Trapazoid---------------- A=1/2h(Bˇ1+Bˇ2)4.)For a Circle---------------- A= pi * r^2Hope you understand those formulas for more help visit the website that i have listed below.http://www.mathhelp.com/geometry/normpolygons/Good Luck and Happy Calculating!!

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