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Default math person, I need help please ?

I've got over a thousand points which means with asking questions here and answering questions, i wasted an averaged 1 1/2 minutes per point, plus time for scrolling to the next question to read, I figure I waste 2 minutes per point i've earned from yahoo answers.how many hours of my life have been wasted with this new addiction in my life ?thank youWOW you guys/gals are awesome !YOUR THE BOMB !
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Dave P
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1000 points = 2000 minutes = 33.33333hours= Just under a day and a half = way too much time!!!!
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Joe U
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Approximately 37.2666666666667 hours, plus the time to read this answer.You have just wasted about 90 seconds of my life. Thanks
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I calculate 8.3 hours, which isn't very long, I do that much a day
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if you feel guilty about spending time here at yahoo it wont really matter how many hours we tell you, best to get busy doing something that gives you pleasure and not just sitting on your laurels crying over spilt milk

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