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Default Help with discovering mathematics?

I am an exceptional math student, (sophomore going into junior), and have taken: algebra,geometry, algebra2, and trigonometry. I was wondering what are some sites or books for that matter that teach higher level math, maybe calculus seeing as im taking pre ap pre cal next year, that you would recommend. The reason for learning more is simply because i love math, and i want to do extremely well on the next AMC test. Any tips on studying for the AMC, or higher level math, or just honing my math skills over the summer?I would appreciate your opinions and tips, thanks.What i mean about sophomore to junior is that i was a sophomore this past school year and am beginning my junior year this school year after summer is over.
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William F
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You are doing well. When I was 12 and a freshman in high school I was student teacher for Frank Baughman inAlgrebra II/Trig he was the author of the Calif State Textbooksin mathHeres how he taught me Calculus principlesDo RoadRunner and Coyote cartoons on paperTry and hit the RoadRunner as he runs along a roadand you are on a cliff.Calculus is like putting all the different forms you havelearned into one system.Calculus is also a must for College Chemistry the equationsare almost exactly the same in Calc 1 and Chem 1The book Store at any local Community College will sellyou a textbook. Look for one that includes solutions to problems in the back.So you can work through it alone.If you like Math you are going to love college Chemistry and Physics its almost all math.

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