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Default Urgent help with maths question.?

xx*x=xx+xx=xxReplace all x by nos. from 1-9. You must not repeat any nos. and fulfill the given conditions. One x can be replaced by only one no. from 1-9. If you manage to solve it please tell me what is the logic behind this. In case somethings are not clear then:* means multiplication.+ means addition.Please help urgently!!You have to fulfill all the conditions mentioned.Yes you have to use only one no. from each 1-9 to fill the x marks. You shouldn't repeat any nos.
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By all of those x marks, you are saying that they are not necessarily the same number, right?
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Nice problem!A solution is : 17*2=96-58=34, where '*' and '-' are usualy sign of multiplication and substraction.Must deternimate an algoritm! Sometime!Good luke!
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M. Jahedbozorgan
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I have written a small C++ code to find answers of this equation, and the result is: "This equation has no answers."!

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