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Default Geometry help!!!!! please simplify if you can!!!!!!?

I am taking Geometry for my summer credit and need help understanding vocabulary so if you could simplyfy that would helphere is what i gotMedian-of a triangle is a segment from the vertx tothe midpoint of the opposite sidealtitude-perpendicular segment from a vertex to the opposite side or to the line that contains the opposite sidecentroid of a a triangle- point always inside the triangle point of concurrency if the medians of a triangleorthocenter-lines containing the altitides are concurrent and intersect at a pointperpendicular bisector-is a line that is perpendicular to a side of the triangle ar the midpoint of the sidecircumcenter-point of concurrency of the perpendicular bisectors of a triangleincenter of a triangle-point of concurrency of the angle bisectorreminder: if you can simplyfy these definitions or make them clearer in any way that would be a great help thank you
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nope sorry that i cant help
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Originally Posted by maximillian1357 View Post
nope sorry that i cant help
Then why post you ****** bot. Even though you can't respond, go look up the answers on Wikipedia
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They are as clear as they can be.Take a triangle large enough and draw those lines following the definitions

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