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Default What is the probability of an advance chess player rated about 1700...

...beating a Master rated about 2422 Glicko?
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tyler s
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i play chess and i **** but i would say the probobillity is 3/10000 chance of winning.
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Jesse & Cynthia
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Poison him first and your chances would probably go up considerably.
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I believe the assumption of rating would allow you to beat someone 1 class higher than you 1 out of 4. Based on this assumption and you being a class B player then:Beating an A player: 1/4 = 0.25 = 25%Beating an Expert: 1/16 = 0.0625 = 6.25%Beating a Master: 1/64 = 0.0156 = 1.5%Beating a Senior Master = 1/256 = .0039 = 0.39%But this is also assuming that 1/4 is correct. I heard this from a Master and it seems somewhat realistic. So the poison idea might be your best chance.
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Mister Nice Guy
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Between 1 and 2 percent. The formula is given in the link. Just punch in the numbers.

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William B
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What is "Glicko"

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