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Default ::How to Win at Helicopter/UFO Shootdown::

1. Work in multiples of 10. Try to save time by using the closest multiple of ten you can that will hit the target, so to waste less time changing the angle - however, do not come up short. No point in hitting it right on, hit the tail, or even better, it still hits if it's fairly close.

2. Don't change the angle if you don't need to - be quick to get fire in this case, because any time you don't have to change the angle saves time. You can get 3 or 4 shots off consecutively like this.

3. Don't screw up. Hit the target every time, with 0-2 errors at most total. Do NOT mistype and put say 9 instead of 90 - that is A LOT of time wasted.

Good Luck! I expect both of my records to be beat by the end of the month. If not... well...


4. 50 degrees is your friend. I think I got 6 50 degrees in a row at least.

5. Reload the page if the first angle is too high. No point in wasting that time. Might as well start the game with a low angle.

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Mr. Hui

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Thanks for this strategy guide.
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Math Tyrant
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That's some good advice I'll keep that in mind when i try to beat your score.
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