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Default Anyone else aware of this statistic regarding hybrid cars?

40% of the people who drive hybrids are Republicans, 36% are Democrats. I'm wondering why it is then that Republicans are made out to be so anti-environment when they're obviously taking greater strides than the Democrats to improve the environment, at least in this regard. Are the Dems all talk and no action? Are Republicans more concerned with reducing our dependence on foreign oil for national defense purposes than with keeping the environment clean?"more republicans can AFFORD to buy those. they aint cheap."35% of hybrid owners earn less than $40,000/year. But I guess those are ALL Democrats, huh?"you fail to mention the rest of the repubs that are driving the gas ****ers known as SUVs"That's a bunch of B.S. Just another one of many generalizations from a liberal about Republicans."Just wondering where you got that stat. from. I don't remember a political party affiliation question when I registered my car."Thanks for essentially calling me a liar:http://www.autobytel.com/Images/news...mber/7.htmlAnd "DanC," that goes for you too. Again, here's my "source" :http://www.autobytel.com/Images/news...mber/7.htmlAnd if you bothered to read the question you would CLEARLY see that I said "at least in this regard." I made it abundantly obvious that I was referring exclusively to this one particular issue, so why are you bringing up others?Typical Liberal. You have no defense so you change the subject.Liberals: I even bashed the Repubs in my question by saying they don't care so much about the environment as they do about reducing our dependence on foreign oil and you were too wrapped up in calling me a liar to catch it. All you guys could focus on was what you interpreted as a personal attack (what else is new). Interesting group of people you are... angry, bitter, people.

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