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Default Help with math?

Can anyone solve these? Or tell me how to?5√32 - 3√98 - 2√50ac - 5a^3c^2------------------ac5--------------2√5You have to talk it out for me, I need to see it form the beginning to the end. I'm really slow when it comes to math, sorry!And please don't post **** answers like pulling numbers out of the air. I really need help with this.
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DS Roosters
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no but i like your avatar
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I think its 6 and 60% of the time Im right all the time.
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Mr. Adkins
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For the first one, you have to simplify the radicals. sqrt(32) = sqrt(16*2) =4 * sqrt (2), so 5 * sqrt 32 = 5 * (4 * sqrt(2)) = 20 sqrt(2)...do the same with the others, and you'll have common radicals, so treat them as variables (don't change what's under the radical).For the second, just cancel. It may help to split it in pieces by the subtraction sign: ac - 5a^3c^2 / ac = ac/ac - 5 a^3c^2/ac = 1 - 5a^2c^1For the third, you need to get the radical out of the bottom. Multiply top and bottom by radical 5 to get 5 sqrt(5)/2*5 = sqrt(5)/2

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