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Default Algebra Help!?

Hey I need help with an Algebra question! I would really appreciate your help a lot! The problem is:x + 5/8 + 3x/4 = 2/3 + 5xI really didn't get the concept of it and Im not very good at fractions so I would love it if you would help! Thanks!
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I think you need to get x by itself. Is there another problem that is similar that you have the answer to so that you can work backwards?
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Annie L
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x + 5/8 + 3x/4 = 2/3 + 5x5/8-2/3=5x - x -3/4x15/24 - 16/24=4x-0.75x-1/24=3.25x-1/24=13/4x-1/24 * 4/13 = x-1/6 * 1/13 = x-1/78 = x
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Ok, first let's get all the x's on one sidex + 5/8 + 3x/4 = 2/3 + 5x [minus an x and 3x/4 from the left side minus 2/3 fromthe right side]5/8 -2/3 = 5x - x - 3x/4 [simplify the x's]5/8 - 2/3 = 4x -3x/4 [now get a common denominator on the left side. The easiest would be 24. So to get to 24 from 8, we multiplied by 3. Therefore we also need to multiply the numerator by 3. For 2/3, we multiplied 3 times 8 to get to 24,so we need to multiply the numerator by 8 also]15/24 - 16/24 = 4x - 3x/4 [now you can simplify the left side]-1/24 = 4x - 3x/4 [now understand that 4x is the same as 4x/1. All numbers without a written denominator have a denominator of 1. So once agian we need to simplify things by getting a common denominator. We will multiply 4x/1 times 4]-1/24 = 16x/4 - 3x/4 [now subtract. When the denominators are the same, you subtract the numerator and leave the denominator as it is]-1/24 = 13x/4 [now you want to get the x by itself. So multiply both sides by 4 to get rid of the denomiator. ]-4/24 = 13x [now get rid of the 13 by multiplying by it's reciprical(1/13)]-4/24 * 1/13 = x-4/312 = x [simplify]-1/78 = xHope this helps you understand the process!

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