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Default algebra help? inequalities word problems?

1. find the greatest possible pair of intergers such that one integer is 4 less than twice the other and their sum is at most 502. find the greatest possible pair of integers such that one integer is 2 less than three times the other and the sum is less than 42.
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Problem1 Problem 2x=2y-4 x=3y-2x+y
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Yggdrasil Berry
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1. 2x-4
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Marie B
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First, translate it into an equation:2x-4 = "4 less than twice the other"x = "the other"So, thier sum is: (2x-4) + xAnd, that sum is at most 50, so it's less than or or equal to 50.(2x-4) + x = 50 (solve it like an equation, but remember to write the correct symbol on your HW)Simplify: 3x-4=50add 4 to both sides to get: 3x=54divide by 3 to get: x=18Remember, if one #, x, is 18, then the other nummer is 2(18)-4; which is 32.got it?

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