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Default a maths question?

Got 10 Coin Machines,each Machine Produces Coins Which Is 10 Grams In Weight The Situation Is One Of The Machine Got Fault N Produce Less Coins Than The Other Nine Machines Now,we Got A Weighting Scale And We Only Can Weight The Coins One Time.how Can We Know Which Machine Got Fault?
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do your own homework.
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get one coin from machine 1, 2 from machine 2 3 from the 3rd and so forth. At the end you will have 55 coins to weigh.Wheght should be 550 gms. if all coins were normal.You should know what the weight of the defective coin is off by. i.e what is the difference between the good coin and the bad. Now take the total diff in weight and divide it by the diff in weght of one coin and you will get the machine that produces the bad coins
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On the assumption that these coin machines produce the same denomination, try counting the coins produced by each of the ten machines and that machine that gives out the lesser number of coins would be the machine that produces coins weighing less than ten grams.

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