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Default Math Probability Question HELP?

In the United States 43 % of people wear their saftey belts. What is the random probability of picking out 2 people that wear their safety belts?How would I work this out? I've been gven no guidance
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vicky 7
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let the no of people be xtherefore people wearing that belts are 43*x/100 probability = 43*x/100 c 2 / x c2 [ c stands for combination] = this ans depends upon distict values of x.
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thr r more than one methods for this question.Let me tell u the simplest and easiest one.in 100 ppl,No. of ppl wearing seat belts:43No. of ppl not weraing seat belts:57hence,probability of picking 2 ppl who wear safety belt is43/100)*(42/99).The abov method shud b right.If answer dsnt match,report it immediately.I will review it.
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It can't be answered. It depends on the number of the people.
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Beth A
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It can't be accurately answered without knowing the number of people and whether or not a person can be picked twice. Without knowing the percentage the first person made up of the 43% percent, the probablility of the second person being chosen after the first person has been removed from the sample space cannot be known. Tell your teacher this and they'll either be insulted or impressed

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