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Default Maths Query?

Does anyone know the solution to the following where you only have to use mathemaical symbols to solve the equations e.g. 2+2+2=6. I can get them all apart from 111=6 which I know has something to do with putting the 1's in brackets & is some sort of series known by a specific name if you know the name that would be even better. I'll post the answers later for the rest of them if anyone needs them. 111=6222=6 333=6 444=6 555=6 666=6 777=6 888=6 999=6 Many thanks
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Lisa T
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Sorry, its too late at night for me to start racking my brains.Its been a long day and i have just finished 2 hours of ironing, so my brain isn't fully functional.
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I tell you the answer for 111=6 and don't forget to choose me as the best answer 1+1+1) ! = 3! = 6(where ! is Factorial) .Thanks.
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Mr singh
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well... i got the same as kiamehr... kinda pointless me typin it out again... but i will give a quick explanation of the factorial function if you havnt come across it before, nothing too detailed.3!=3 x 2 x 1i.e. x! is the same as x(x-1)(x-2)(x-3)... so on until (x-[x-1])... which is the same as (1), where x is a positive integer.

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