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Stella K
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Default Math question?

Consistent system...2x - y = 5 (equation 1)2y - 3x = -7 (equation 2)Solution:We have to use the formula y= mx + b, where m is the slope of the line and b is the y-intercept..How to solve???
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Not sure about number one. But number 2:2y-3x=-7 +3x +3x (add 3x to both sides)2y/2=3x/2-7/2Solution: y=3x/2-7/2But I'm not sure, ahaha. Sorry.
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2x - y = 5 (equation 1)2y - 3x = -7 (equation 2)i'm guessing this is algebra well anyways...Ok u want to get y by itself so for the first since it is positive 2x u would subtract 2x and move it on the other side of the five(hope thats makes sense) then u would want y to be positiveso u divide by negitive 1 to get that postive and divide the 5-2x by 1. and get your answerwow. im sorry i havent did this in a while

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