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Default Country statistics?

I am planning to write a story about a smallish country located just above Vancouver British Colombia. I can't quite decide what I want the land mass to be and the population. Is there a minimum land mass that it takes for a country to be considered a country? And a minimum population? I know that I want my country to be 70% urban, is there a way to figure out the average number of people per square mile for it to be 70% urban? And the fertility rate at the inception of the country (the year 2038) will be 1.9 children born per woman. The inception is in 2038 and it is an immigrant based country. I don't really know how I should decide how many immigrants to accept each year as in I don't really know how you would estimate natural population growth , and I don't know what the maximum population growth rate should be. Most classic immigration countries grow 1% each year. Maybe that is the base. I also want regions and counties but I don't know how other countries regions and countiesdeveloped. Usually the smaller the country the less states/regions it has. I know it is just a story but do you have any ideas of how I should come about determining popualtion, immigration, states, regions, etc.?Thanks and Happy Fourth of July!And how much is too much populatio growth to cause immediate housing and infrastructure issues? Also how much population does a nation need to not be considered a "micro-country"?
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Tom K
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You may want to look at some of the world's smaller nations in this for parameters: https://www.cia.gov/library/publicat...index.htmlThis is the best source I have found for general information on any kind of countries. Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, Lichtenstein and The Vatican City come to mind as examples of small nations.

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