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Default How would you structure your Geometry Curriculum?

I am a high school geometry teacher, and I'm re-examining my curriculum and lessons from last year in preparation for this coming school year. Last year, I started out with the basics, like points, lines, planes, and then moved to triangles and quadrilaterals and larger polygons and beyond. This year, I'm thinking of structuring the curriculum differently, because last year, by the time we finished everything we needed to know about triangles like the different kinds, parts, congruence theorems and similarity theorems the students (and myself!) were SOOOO sick of triangles that it wasn't fun anymore. So what I was thinking of doing this year is instead starting with the basics again, like points, lines, and planes, but then moving to transformations and letting them see movements that we can do with all sorts of shapes and a tessellation unit, then moving to congruence theorems using all shapes and then similarity theorems using all shapes and then area, perimeter,volume, etc.I'm hoping this might move the subject along in a way that does not seem like it's dragging forever (like it did last year by the end of triangles) and perhaps give a little more continuity and tie everything together better for the students. What is your opinion? Thanks!

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