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Default National Mathcounts predictions

Eh, there was an AoPS thread about this (it got locked by solafidefarms, for some strange reason, he thought posting in a topic would make them all fail at chapter next year), but it ****ed because no one thought Justin was going to win Nats.

FYI, Siddhant, Justin = 1=2 on AoPS, just found that out. Did you hear he deliberately held himself back in 7th grade so he would have more time to make MOP? So he's a 7th grader this year and was a 7th grader last year too....

Anyways, predictions:

Written: Probably someone other than Justin, MAYBE Bobby.
Top 12 will include Justin, might include Alan, since he's "going to own this year" according to Carl. David Lu probably as well...


Masters: Nathan Salo, MAYBE. Justin could win, though...

Michigan's best hopes lie with those Boulan 7th graders from last year like that one kid... you know... MICHIGAN IS NOT OVERRATED.

My personal goals are to make top three hundred million in nationals.

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