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Default oh yeah i forgot to add this

for trade you can trade weapons and armor for gold or other weapons and armor
or you can trade units like spies or soldiers for gold weapons and armor or other units.
-I give Mr. Hui 10 soldiers for 200 gold.
-I give Mr. Hui 10 short swords for 5 troops
As other added-ons i think you should add like one nation starts with more money or one nation has more troops or one has a training in some area.
Also there should be a way just to train the troops in small clumps like only and have different types of troops like advanced soldier unit, basic soldier unit, scout unit, spy unit, artillery unit not be too specific
And can you increase the amount of gold you receive and the turns per refresh and make the refresh cycle shorter since although they are valuable you could let players continue attack or income etc.
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