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Cool XP Math Hall of Fame!

I decided it would be pretty cool to have a XP Math Hall of Fame where you can find all the XP Math records, so I have decided to make one. I am not 100% sure that all of these records are correct, so please reply below if you think you hold one of these records and you aren't listed.

Administrator, Creator, and Owner of XP Math - Mr. Hui

Most Friends - jimjim (174)

Most Posts - orishorjo (1,633)

Highest Experience Level - orishorjo (94)

Most Tournament Wins - *Jonathan W (503)

Most Challenge Wins - Mr. Hui (146)

Most Time Spent Playing - MATH master-shanto (50 hours, 26 minutes, 55 seconds)

Most High Scores - Jonathan W??? (High score held for 24+ different games, not counting when they are first released!)

These were some accomplishments that are actual records. Now for some cool awards!

Most Helpful Posts
- MAS1

XP Math Gamers - fogie123, JosePereira11, pineapple74, humza 95 (Holder for Most Tournament Wins Before Jonathan W!), and Jonathan W

Most Popular - jimjim

Legendary Members - Mr. Hui, Sillysidley, **Temperal, Scion, jmw106462, and pineapple74

Funniest Signature - Math Tyrant

Best Avatar - jimjim and jmw106462

All records as of October 11, 2013.

* = Account was deleted, so he no longer has 503 tournament wins, but that is the original record!

** = Deleted Account, no profile.

More coming soon! (Hopefully)

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