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Originally Posted by Jakeluver110 View Post
kkk now here's my real question.........what is a square root.......you'd think if u take high school math in 6th grade they'd tell ya that but they don't.....even people in the reg. class know that....o and how do u find the square root of a number?
call the square, y. A square root of a number is the number, say x, so that
x^2=y (or x squared=y)

finding the square root of a perfect square is easy to find.
for example: sqrt(9)=3, and 3*3=9

for numbers that are not perfect squares is harder.
You can simplify what is in the square root sign, making it so you have a perfect square as one of the numbers. Then take out the perfect square , and put its square root outside the square root. For example,


That is pretty crazy!

it would be better to search on the Internet, or ask Mr. Hui
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