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Originally Posted by MAS1 View Post
I was looking at question 3 again.

3) Sandra bought 3 cups of coffee for her 3 co-workers. Each cup of coffee costs $3.56, including tax, plus she left a $2.00 tip for the entire purchase. If Sandra wants an equal amount of money back from each person for their cup pf coffee plus their portion of the tip, which method could she use to find that ammount?

A. $3.56+(2.00÷3)
B. ($3.56+$2.00)÷3
C. ($3.56*3)+($2.00÷3)
D. ($3.56+$2.00*3)÷3

Since each cup of coffee costs $3.56 and there are 3 cups of coffee the total amount including tip would be 3.56*3 +2.00. Dividing that total 3 ways gives (3.56*3 +2.00) / 3 which equals 3.56 + (2.00 / 3). So the correct answer is A, not B. Sorry for giving the incorrect answer earlier. My bad.
i needed help with #3 and thanks
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