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i have a friend named kelsey she is in 4th grade and she says she can do 7th grade math when i asked her what the greatest common facter (GCF) of 12 and 36 she said 6 and i kind of wandered how she could have gotten that answer and then i remembered my homwork had that question on it and i finished it and when my back was turned she could have looked at my paper so i gave her a problem that was not on my paper that was easy (to me) and gave it to her and it took her like 30 min to come up with an answer that was wrong but she can get really annoying like every time i am with her i get into trouble so i dont really hang out with her that much and she says things that are not true like she told my that bees drink blood and i know that is not true cuz i watch the animals shows likie a lot and she told me she new a man that was 478 years old yeah a stuchue could be but that is my life and i also have a nother friend grace she has a username on here it is ~*~chrisluver~*~ cuz she is dating chris that is in our class.and if you say huh again i am going to have a bigger explanation