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Originally Posted by MATH master-shanto View Post
Part A

what was the highest temperature on sundays its suppose to be:


part B

the lowest temperature on monday was 6 degrees warmer than sunday`s low or-9F. The low temperature on tuesday was 3 degrees warmer than monday`s low. What was the low temperature on tuesday?

so this is the problem:


Answer: 6 degrees

PS: If u need help zarin just ask! and u will get help
Originally Posted by avleen kaur View Post
Part B

The low temperature on Monday was 6 degrees warmer the sunday's low of -9° F. The low temperature on Tuesday was 3 degrees warmer than Monday's low. What was the low temperature on Tuesday?

Show your work
I think

Answer: ________5__° F
These answers are incorrect. The answer to Part 2 should be 0°F.
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