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zarin, tell your mother that if she wants you to be excellent at maths dont ask for 100%. Actually you shouldnt even bother that much with % of school . Just try to learn somethings by yourself like answeriing problems you didnt study them yet... that will improve so much more your skills than study for 100 % or whatever %. I almost never studied maths untill 10º-11º grade. (i mean it - 0 minutes of studying) i just went to classes and try to develop my skills at home i didnt even care for the things we were doing in the class or what the teacher was saying sometimes (untill 10º grade) , i just had my own way of developing maths... Conclusion: i got almost all % around 90 and just sometimes more than 95% (this on 7º grade up , in 5º and 6º grade all around 100% because it was so easy omg...) and in the tests i never dfid by the way we were studying in the class i solved the problems by my own way...

I mean it, just try to develop your own math problems / solbing mettods.
You cant say i cant solve this because i didnt studied it ... if you study fractions and you have 95 +% and you dont solve this , i advise you to stop studying that much and focus in your skills, they are great but we can never be satisfied at them. We must focus in improving and improving and improving expeccialy on our youth. You will not have 100% neither 95% but in 3-4 years you will be so much more creative and smart. You are already but you will be even more . Trust me, an exemple... the us memory champion was a person with a normal memory, he just wasted 2 years of his life working in mettods to develop memory and he did it. Work can do anything , but we have to chose the right work
You need only 2 objectives in life:
when you look at the past and you say that you coudn't have done any better than that is the 1º one.
The 2º one is to do better than that

Then, you must learn 2 rules in your life:
Rule number one : respect yourself and the others
Rule number two: first learn rule number one

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