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Default Think Fast or Dad is Dead!

In a Kingdom, there are two prince-brothers.

The first one is Prince Black and the other, Prince White. Both of them have the finest and fastest horses in the whole Kingdom and each one, keeps on “insisting” that his horse is better than the other.
Prince Black’ rides on a black horse while Prince White, owns a white horse.

One day, their father, the King called them. He’s very sick and he knows well that he’s dying.

He said, “I am asking both of you to have a horse race and whose horse came last, will win my throne”.

The King’s doctors believe that the King will not last for a day (a few minutes maybe).

So they need to think fast. But the King’s request is that whose horse that came last, win the throne.

How will you solve the problem?

(I’ll give you 5 minutes or else, the King dies and no one to declare as a new King)

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