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I hated math until I was in high school. Before that, I didn't understand why I had to know math, as it seemed like everything we were learning had no real application in the real world. Also, I wasn't very good at math in Elementary and Middle school because we weren't allowed to use calculators and I STILL haven't memorized my multiplication tables.Now I'm in college, I'm a math minor, and I've taken (and even enjoyed) higher level math courses.My advice is to find ways that you can apply math to the real world. Because really, what you're learning may seem pointless, but if you find an application for it outside of word problems from your math book, it will be much more interesting.If that doesn't work, I just suggest that you **** it up, do the best you can, and work hard to succeed in your strengths (English and Art). There's no life requirement that you have to enjoy math!