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Originally Posted by Sillysidley View Post
As some people want some problems, I will be posting my ICAE Homework (Not current ones, so even if you people want, you can't tell me the answers)

So... here goes:
AMC 10B+12B:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/5986.pdf
Average of Class: 26, my score=32/39

Math IIB Placement Test:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/6016.pdf Average of Class:21, my score=30/30

Mandelbrot Round 4 Indiv.:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/6020.pdfAverage of Class:8, My score=8/14
Note. First 2 questions are 1 point, next 3 are 2 points, last 2 are 3 points
Average of Class:8, My score=8/14

Integer Problems:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/6062.pdf
Average of Class:19, my score:26/35
Purple Comet Practice:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/6123.pdf
Average of Class:8, my score:15/25

National Mathcounts Practice:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/6189.pdf Average of Class=28, my score=38/49

Fryer Problems:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/6122.pdf
Average of Class=38,My score=53/60 (<-- Proofs...)

Inclusion Exclusion:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/6191.pdf
Average:7, Me=18/22

Average:?, Me=?

2007 Purple Comet:http://www.icae.org/files/Upload/HomeWork/6224.pdf
Average=7, Me=14
Thank you
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