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Ray A
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A memorable momento to the love of my lifeTo my darling Doo . . so beautiful in her 10kb shotHow could such a cartoon be so hotCalculus differentiates but not a love as oursYet we cannot be until my story tells ...You see things get quickerWith that you can't bickerBut how much quicker, do they get quicker, my loveTis then that we use a formula aboveBut loeThe rhyme is a woeI need to put this formula .... belowIF one knows that a stoneWill be by itself alonejust x cubed (x^3) yards awayAnd there it will never stay ... (ok that struggled)Then how fast is it moving at the mo ... (now I really stretch)You need to send your mind to fetchThe three from above the exAnd place it before the ..... variable (whoah I could have been banned for that)And as nothing in your brain is spared It is moving at 3 x squared (3x^2)But how much my loveDoes this stone get shovedAs it accelerates all the timeWe know were it goesAnd we know how it froesBut to know this would be sublime ... (oh come on that was a hard one)By how much speed does it increaseAs it moves alongThat wonder will never ceaseUntil we're done with this songWe must now take the 2 from the xand times three it makes .... SIXso it accelerates at just 6xNow which of your problems is next ....Not good but it might be memorable!! Good luck