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Doesn't seem as though my first response came through.OK, this is going to be tough to explain via words, but here we go. First of all the diagram you have is tough to look at, redraw it such that D is actually the midpoint of BC and ray AX is 90 deg to BM, GD and CN. Now draw a new line that intersects line BC at D and is also perpendicular to BM, GD and CN. Give this line end points Z1 and Z2. Now you've just created two new right triangles (Z1BD and Z2DC) which have exactly equal hypotenuses (BD = DC, because D is the midpoint of BC). Right triangles with exactly equal hypotenuses means that all the other sides must be equal as well. Therefore your new lines Z1D = DZ2 and Z1D = MG and DZ2 = GN...and you can figure it out from there.Take care and keep having fun.