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Originally Posted by DealorNoDealChamp View Post
George has three different-sized gift boxes.
* The small gift box is a cube with side lengths of 4 inches.

* The medium gift box is a rectangular prism with a volume of 350 cubic inches.

* The large gift box is a rectangular prism with a height of 8 inches and a base that covers an area (length x width) ?of 80 square inches.

* The height of the medium gift box is x inches.

* George buys a cube-shaped gift with side lengths of 7 inches. He places the gift inside the large gift box.

12. What is the volume, in cubic inches, of the small gift box? (Eligible content: M05.D-M.3) (DOK 2) *

___________ cubic inches

Ok, So 1 this question gives you too much information that you don't need to know

So the question ask's for the volume of the gift box. (A CUBE) with the side lenght of 4 inches. ALL SIDES OF A CUBE IS THE SAME LENGHT. So all sides are 4

How to find a voulume of cube is Lenght*witdh*height Which is just
4 times 4 times 4

So it's volume is 64incs^3
Glad i could help **Math wizard**
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