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1) Hawks are carnivores, meaning they are strictly meat eaters. They are opportunistic hunters and will eat anything that they happen to find. The majority of their diets consist of small rodents and lizards. Sometimes they eat insects, birds and even small pets. Hawks are superior hunters. They are called birds of prey, because of their excellent hunting skills. Hawks are quick, strong and have extremely good eyesight. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, Hawks can see eight times better than a human can.

2) A snake's main adaptation to life is its very form. With no legs, arms, ears and other appendages, it can slither through grass or among rocks without causing disturbance that might frighten prey. It can enter narrow holes in the ground made by rodents, find those rodents and eat them. If you think that having no legs causes mobility problems for a snake, you've never seen how fast a snake can move in most environments.

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