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Originally Posted by jimdec23 View Post
Hi, A watermelon weighing 100 pounds contained 99 percent water. After sitting in the sun throughout the day, some of the water evaporated, leaving the melon with 98 percent water. How much did the melon weigh after the evaporation occurred?

This was the first task in the first lesson we had to solve in Math 3 on the University (with strawberries) ^^ It sounds weird but the answer is 50 pounds. But why?

99% water means there is 1% of mass;
if (water == 98%) now {mass == 2%};

==> mass is now weighting double the amount in relation to water now, which means that the water is weighting about the half now in absolute numbers.

1 pound mass = 2% ==> 1p / 0,02 = 50 pounds!
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