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1. What is the arithmetic mean, expressed as a common fraction, of the solutions to|10x|-sqrt(10x)=0

2. Triangle ABC is such that AB=8, AC=9, and BC=10 cm. The bisector of the interior angle BAC intersects BC in a point M. What is the length of the segment BM? Give you r answer as a common fraction in lowest term.

These are tricky. I have worked on them for hours, and don't know what they are.

If anyone wants interesting problems tell me. ( I kow the answers to those )
1) uff, my minds running a bit of blank when it comes to absolute values. So I really dont think this is correct, but I got .1 and 0 for my answers. Checking them it works, but I still dont really know.

2) sorry broski, dont remember anything from geometry.