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I forgot about this thread!


I will post my tips for games I have had high scores for! {WARNING} - Don't beat them!!!
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The ones I still have.

King Kong's Prime Numbers - Only click on prime numbers!

Math Squares - Addition & Multiplication - Play for a very long time! To find out what your real score is just multiply your score by the level. Keep XP Math up on another window and refresh it every once in a while so that it doesn't log you out!

Complementary and Supplementary Angle Pairs Practice - Remember that Complementary Angles equal 90° and Supplementary Angles equal 180°.

Deal or No Deal - Always pick, "No Deal."

Geometric Shapes Avoider - Triangle, Square, Pentagon - Get lots of the white things to slow the shapes down.

Soccer Coordinates - Always go across before you go up!

Square Root Cannon - Always play on level 4 and shoot towards the nearest whole number.

I will post more later!
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