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FREE MATH TUTOR SITES:http://www.jolenemorris.com/This site has a collection of tutorials, tips & techniques, recipes, mathematics lessons, and educational teaching/learning resources. This site is entirely FREE and without any registration requirements. You may browse anonymously as long as you like.http://www.math.com/Math.com has basic math and pre-algebra information. It is a good site for review of early algebra topics, as well as for fraction help and extra practice.http://www.gomath.com/GoMath has homework help for algebra, geometry, physics, and chemistry.http://www.hotmath.org/help/homework...y.htmlHomework help for College Algebra textbooks. Step-by-step tutorials explaining actual College Algebra homework problems.http://library.thinkquest.org/20991/home.htmlThis site includes tips for PreAlgebra to Calculus, with lessons and quizzes.SOFTWARE YOU MAY PURCHASE:http://www.bagatrix.com/college_algebra.htm (software program) $49.99http://www.sosmath.com/algebra/algebra.html(software program ) $19.99http://www.amazon.com/Algebra-Dummie.../dp/0764553259 (Book - Algebra for Dummies) Amazon new $11.99; used from $7.50