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Default HELP!! Homework due tomorrow night!!

Hey all, I need help on this last question.. Its due tomorrow at 11:59pm and I don't understand how to complete this problem!! HELP PLEASE..

Problem 2
We have decided to expand and create a new PC games department. Out projection indicate a PC game makes 40% more profit; that is, about $1.4 million in profit. The work requirements are 9,360 man-*‐hours for
development, 8,840 man-*‐hours on artwork, 5,720 man-*‐hours
for design, and 1,560 man-*‐ hours for production management.

To help staff this department, we hired 44 more programmers for the
development team, 58 more artists for the art team, and 2 more
managers for the management team.

Figure out how many console, PC, and handheld games can be made
this quarter to maximize our profit. In addition, report what pools
(development, artists, designers, and managers) have some unutilized employees, and which pools need to be expanded.
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