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Originally Posted by orishorjo View Post
1) The Patriots lost 6 yards on their first play and lost another 8 yards on their next play. They then lost another 2 yards on their third play. what was the net result in yards after these three playes

Show your work

2) Joey is putting all of his trophies onto 5 shelves. He places 7 trophies on each shelf but has 3 trophies left over. write an equation to represent the total number of trophies that Joey has altogether.

3) Sandra bought 3 cups of coffee for her 3 co-workers. Each cup of coffee costs $3.56, including tax, plus she left a $2.00 tip for the entire purchase. If Sandra wants an equal amount of money back from each person for their cup pf coffee plus their portion of the tip, which method could she use to find that ammount?

A. $3.56+(2.00÷3)
B. ($3.56+$2.00)÷3
C. ($3.56*3)+($2.00÷3)
D. ($3.56+$2.00*3)÷3

1. -6 + -8 + -2 = -16. So the Patriots lost 16 yards on their first 3 plays.

2. Let T = total number of Joey's trophies.

T = 5*7 + 3 = 38

3. B is the correct choice. You take the total amount and divide by 3.
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