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Default Isolate to solve the equation

So the question is basically solve each equation for 0<x<2pi...i just have trouble with isolating the equations for the following:

square root 2 * sinx = 2sinx cosx

2cosx - 3/cosx + 2 * square root2 = 0

for the first one i got this far:
square root 2 sinx = 2sinx (double angle)
squared both sides and ended with 2 sinx = 4 sin^2x
divided by 2 sinx to both sides and got 1 = 2 sinx
then i isolated for sinx ... sinx = 1/2
is it right so far? then i just found the related acute angle and the values in Q 1 and 3

I appreciate your help so far i will try and help you with your problems..

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