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Originally Posted by Vampire Queen View Post
This is for questions about xpmath that be answed my Mr.Hui or other users.My first question (out of many lol)is how do u become a v.i.p. member do u just have to post 10,000 posts because it kinda hurts mf feelings that the messages that i want to post some don't get posted until a few days later .My next question is how do u make a signture? Can you change ur signuture anytime you want or is it perminate? Next is how can u upload pictures because i have got a ton of pictures to post that i can't because i don't know how.Next I have been regsted as vampire Queen for over 2 weks but i havent got the signed on for 10 days award.Dose that mean 10 days in a row?
1.) You become a XP Math V.I.P. Member by earning 1,000 experience points. You can earn experience point by posting, playing games, getting friends, etc.

2.) You can make a signature once you become a V.I.P. Member. Once you become a V.I.P. Member go to "Quick Links" and click on "Edit Signature." You can change your signature whenever you want.

3.) If you mean an avatar, then you can use a custom avatar when you become a V.I.P. Member. If you mean uploading pictures to posts, then when you are posting you scroll down and click on "Manage Attachments." Then click on "Browse...", select your picture, then click on "Upload."

4.) You have to get 20 "Days Since Registering Points." You currently have 16, and you get 2 every day if you log on, so you should get it in about 2 days!

Hope this helps,
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